This domain was registered in 2009. Since February of that year, I started my way to IT.

All 12 years on this domain there was nothing useful. But I continued to pay the domain registration. Only from the beginning of September 2021, I remembered the domain and decided to share here with my knowledge accumulated during the work of more than 50 projects.

Yes, and here there may be articles like small notes. It will rather do for myself to not lose this information.

So I think at the moment this main goal of this project.


Several times I created various systems for this project with a large set of functionality. The development of the whole functionality occupied a lot of time and was not in demand. It can be considered that there were exercises for writing large content management systems (CMS).

In the current project, I decided to emphasize on the content, and not functionality. And now this project uses basic static sites Hugo. All optional functionality is easy to integrate if you know PHP (how to do it, I will definitely write in the article).


The design of this project is minimalistic and based on the Coder. This design allows you to concentrate on content and not distracted by the environment. There are many similar patterns, but I took this basic, as I found it first and in all respects it came up. On the site Hugo there is a section with templates Hugo themes, where you can choose from you like and use for free in your project.